(1) What’s your Name?

Natty D

(2) For those hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

I am an RNB, Blues and hip hop artist

(3) How long have you been involved in making Music?


(4) How did you get into Music? And what inspired you to take I music seriously?

Got involved through my idol Micheal Jackson#

(5) Where do you get Inspiration for your Music?

Listening to Music MJ

(6) Are you signed to a record label?


(7) What is life like as an Upcoming Artist?

Somehow difficult in terms of finance# like seriously (8) Have you done any album yet? If no, have you got any project you’re working on at the moment?

No, Yes I’ve

(9) What is it about you that sets you apart from other artists?


(10) What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Changing life# that’s all what music is all about

(11) If you had to work with one person in the industry, who would it be and why?


(12) Besides music, what other activities do you participate in?


(13) Name 3 songs that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player My new track

My regret (banky w),Heal the world(MJ) mad over you(RT)

(14) What are your biggest challenges?

Finance# Capital

(15) Where do you see yourself five years from now?


(16) What is your opinion of the current state of Nigerian music?

Booming so fast# Intresting#

(17) Any plans to expand across Africa and the world?


(18) What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the  opportunity?

People’s life

(19) Throughout your career so far, what’s the best advice that someone has given you? And what advice would you give to fellow UpComing artists?

Just be what you are

(20) What do you think about what the “Alaba Hits” company is doing for all the upcoming artists, promoting their music?

It’s nice# really encouraging#

(21) And last but not least, where can your fans get your music?



3 thoughts on “NattyD

  1. akonsegzy says:

    d̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅τ̲̅ nice I love d ideal keep up guy ϔӫц ώℓ̊ℓℓ Mãkǝ it ijn

    • Natty D says:

      tnx Bro,i appreciate dat !

  2. Emmascopy says:

    Dats gud of you Natty D… Up GSB

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