(1) What’s your Name?

My real name is kingsley okokon Ita. But my artist name is TRAI. I am from cross river state.

(2) For those hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Well, I will describe myself as an artist as a versatile artist. At times I rather like people to see me as a musician and not just artist, because I like trying different things. As a musician, you can do all kinds of music.

(3) How long have you been involved in making Music?

I started in 2006. But I started professionally in 2011.

(4) How did you get into Music? And what inspired you to take music seriously?

I got into music because of the passion I have for music. And I also realised that music is my calling. I don’t know if I should call this inspiration or what? What makes me actually take music serious is because my father was a music failure. My father love dancing and listen to music religiously. He once told me that he wanted to be a musician but because of lack of financial support, he backed out. The same thing almost happened to me. I wrote a lot of songs while in the village. Till I came to Lagos, I didn’t take it serious. While here in lagos, I now remember my dad’s story, so I said to myself that I will never allow this to happen to me, that I’m gonna try it. And that’s how and where my artist name actually came from.

(5) Where do you get Inspiration for your Music?

I think music is day to day live as many other artist will tell you. I always get inspiration from places I  go. When I discuss with other fellows. My environment and people around me.

(6) Are you signed to a record label?

No. None for now.

(7) What is life like as an UpComing Artist?

Mehn! Its not easy at all. But with hard work, consistency and belief, one can always get there.

(8) Have you done an album yet? If no, have you got any project you’re working on at the moment?

No. But I can tell you that I have more than a album to drop if I want’s to. As an upcoming artist, you need people to get to know you first. And how much your fans will request for it before thinking on how to drop the album. Yeah! I am actually trying to see how I can reach a lot of people with my first single titled ogbeni which I just dropped two weeks ago.

(9) What is it about you that sets you apart from other artists?

Well, I will say first, being original. Second, passing message through my music. And third, doing both African and Foreign music. Though people haven’t heard the foreign ones yet. But everything is all about time. When that time comes, people will feel me! I just wanna reach the whole Africa first.

(10) What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The most important is people loving what I am doing. I can’t describe the kind of love people had been showing me when the listen to my songs from when I didn’t release any yet till now. People had been calling me and sending me messages on social medias complementing me on the ogbeni single I just dropped recently! I didn’t expect that much. But I wanna use this opportunity to thank them all for loving what I’m doing. I love you guys mehn! I also won a music contest called NAIJA FRESH with Ajebo and Muyo on Naija fm. It was a great experience for me been interviewed for the first time on a radio station after I won. A radio station like naija fm where you have a lot of people all around the world listening to.

(11) If you had to work with one person in the industry, who would it be and why?

Olamide. Yes! He is a versatile artist, just like me. He always do things out of the box. He comes out with a particular style of song today. And tomorrow with a different one. And so on.

(12) Besides music, what other activities do you participate in?

Its just all about music for now. Some times I go for jogging when I have time.

(13) Name 3 songs that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player

Eledami by olamide. Human being by IM .blessing by big sean.

(14) What are your biggest challenges?

I think coming back from work late due to Lagos traffic and trying to get into the studio to get some songs done. And also trying to get my song to many audience.

(15) Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Like I’ve said before, I’m not gonna be only African musician. I wanna reach out to the world and win many awards. Locally and internationally.

(16) What is your opinion of the current state of Nigerian music?

Yeah! We can only keep going higher, you know. You now see many African artist collaborating with international artistes. It shows that African music is now doing well.

(17) Any plans to expand across Africa and the world?

Like I have always say, It takes only you to know who you are and what you can do. But it take some time for people to actually know. All I can tell you is that, I am an international artist.

(18) What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

I will say it is the fans, you know? As far as you do good music, they will always embrace you. Yeah! If I have the opportunity, I will like to change the way OAPs, DJs and some PRODUCERs treats upcoming artist. They will tell you that there’s much love in the industry. But trust me! Is for only those up there. If you are an upcoming artist, then you know what I mean. I will also put in place, where not all upcoming artist but talented upcoming artist will get loans to not only help them to get their songs to the audience, but to get to that level they aimed for. Whether you like it or not, there are some talented artist out there that can even make African proud when it comes to music than the already established ones.

(19) Throughout your career so far, what’s the best advice that someone has given you? And what advice would you give to fellow UpComing artists?

I have a lot of people always telling me to be original. I do always go online to check some TIPS on music. And almost everything I will see is, if you wanna sell, then you have to come out with your own style. And stop being a copy cat!  If you are an upcoming artist reading this, I will also tell you to be Original, work hard, and don’t let even your parent discourage you. When you succeed, they will appreciate you.

(20) What do you think about what the “Alaba Hits” company is doing for all the upcoming artists, promoting their music?

I really wanna give thanks to the ALABA HIT COMPANY for what they’ve done so far for we upcoming artistes. We have a lot of music promoting companies out there, but they will charge you, even it is 5kb before your song can feature on their site. Or before promoting you. Once again, you people are the best!

(21) And last but not least, where can your fans get your music?

Yeah! My latest single is on and My fans please go and download, share and also leave a comment. Feel free to comment on how you feel about the song. Like always, keep supporting me as I will keep on dropping good materials.


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