What’s your Name?

Ans – Real name is Will Omon but I go by T.R.I.P

For those hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Ans – I’m a very daring artiste. Recorded over 60 songs and no 2 are alike. I don’t restrict myself to just a particular genre.

How long have you been involved in making Music?

Ans – Well, I wrote my very first song when I was 11. Over 15years now but my very first recording was back in ’09

How did you get into Music? And what inspired you to take music seriously?

Ans My elder brother, Wisdom, did this to me. Lol. When I was really young, he would always make sure there was a radio in the house and all we listened to back then was hip hop. I’m talking early 90s here. But what really inspired me to take music seriously was the lack of good material I was hearing from our brothers hear. I felt I could do better and I’m doing it. Don’t worry, the hustle will soon pay.

Where do you get Inspiration for your Music?

 Ans – From everywhere and everything.

Are you signed to a record label?

Ans – They call me the MD of MMD (Made Music Dynasty aka The Dynasty). Its a label I founded in January 2012, Friday the 13th. Five other artistes are presently in the label and we always working.

What is life like as an UpComing Artist?

Ans – Well, at this present stage of the music industry all you need to succeed or ‘blow’ rather is money. If you have enough to promote yourself, whether you have talent or not, then being an upcoming artiste is easy. But when you do not and all you have to rely on is your talent, guy, ITS HARD. But I haven’t really experienced any of it ‘cos I’ve been doing is watching. Waiting for the right time.

Have you done an album yet? If no, have you got any project you’re working on at the moment?

Ans – No I do not have an album out ’cause like I said, I’ve been watching and waiting. But I’m currently working on 3 different mixtapes (mine which is ‘The Righteous Kill’ due Dec. 25th, ‘All Expense PAY’d TRIP’ which is a collabo mixtape with Payper, and DJ Papichulo’s project as well) which will all be dropped this year.

What is it about you that sets you apart from other artists?

Ans – My creativity and willingness to work outside the box.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Ans – I, along with Payper (one of the best Emcees in the south) recently organized a rap battle league tagged Rep Yo’ Block. Its a platform for rappers who feel they can face the heat and pressure of the craft can come and put their money where their mouth is. It was held in Bayelsa and the turn out was overwhelming. It was so successful that prominent rappers in the industry have contacted us wanting to be a part of it.

If you had to work with one person in the industry, who would it be and why?

Ans – Jesse Jagz ’cause of his creativity.

Besides music, what other activities do you participate in?

Ans – Comic book publishing. My brother, Wisdom, actually owns a comic book company, Stallion Comics, and I’m the assistant editor.

Name 3 songs that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player

Ans – Travis Scott feat. Young Thug – Skyfall…. Payper feat. Mainzey – Smoke In My City…. Emeka – Monster

What are your biggest challenges?

Ans – For now I will say finance…..for now.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Ans – Definitely on a higher plane. Living La vida Loca…lol

What is your opinion of the current state of Nigerian music?

Ans I feel it has gotten stagnant. For a while it was improving at an alarming rate but now, its all the same thing we hear everyday.

Any plans to expand across Africa and the world?

Ans Habaaaaaa… are you actually asking this? lol

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

Ans I get to make what I want to listen to. What I would love to hear when I turn on the radio or buy an album, and if I had the opportunity, I definitely will change all the members of NBC ’cause all they do is ban songs for the stupidest reasons.

Throughout your career so far, what’s the best advice that someone has given you? And what advice would you give to fellow UpComing artists?

Ans – our style is so unique. Don’t you ever change for anybody, and my advice will be don’t just come into the game to blend in……….stand out.

What do you think about what the “Alaba Hits” company is doing for all the upcoming artists, promoting their music?

Ans You guys are doing what every upcoming artiste has been praying for, a platform to show ourselves to the world and you’re doing it ’cause you believe in us. That’s trip (‘trip’ is another word for ‘dope’ in my books :D).

And last but not least, where can your fans get your music?

Ans ( Also follow on twitter @TripMMD @MadeMDynasty @RepYoBlock

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Born Willin Wish Wayne Omon. The last child of nine. Started rapping at the age of 11 and has been perfecting the art ever since. Founded his own record label (Made Music Dynasty) early 2012 and has since become a household name in the southern parts of Nigeria.


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