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Scorpy – Vocal-Lyricist, Tflowz – Lyricist
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Da TuStah
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Hip Hop / R&B / Afro-beat

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Lagos, NG

Da Tustah are a group of artists consisting of Scorpy – Vocal Lyricist and T-flowz – Lyricist.

Scorpy (Real name – Yomi Adeosun) from south-east London; has always been involved in a lot of activities such as football, dancing, song writing, singing and rapping since the tender age of 7. Born in Lagos, Nigeria. It wasn’t until he moved to England at the age of 11 years did he realise the different types of opportunities he could achieve with the right commitments.

He began listening to different music genres from Soul, Rap, Jazz and Hip-pop from the likes of JA Rule, Tupac, B.I.G, Nas, Bone Thugs n Harmony, to name a few American acts. However, he always stayed true to his roots and still listened Afro beat/pop sounds by Iconic African artists such as Fela Kuti, King Sony Ade, Tuface Idibia and Psquare to name a few. This helped Scorpy to see the art of music in the eyes of his many influences, although from different backgrounds and genres, they all had a single commonality in the art of music.

These are the influences which encouraged Scorpy to want to achieve something great in the music industry and make a legacy of his own.

T-flowz (Real name – Timothy Adekambi) was born in Edo State, Benin City, Nigeria. He grew up in Benin and also lived in Lagos State before moving to London in May 2002.

He never had an interest in writing or listening to music back in his country (Nigeria). However, this changed when he moved to London.

In 2002, when Nelly released his single called ‘Dilemma’ featuring Kelly Roland, formerly of Destiny Child, it encouraged him to listen to music regularly. This was one of the first music videos that he saw and he instantly loved it. This single lead T-flowz to then fall in love with music. The song ‘splurge’ from Nelly’s album inspired him in writing lyrics and learning how to rap as he related this song to some of his previous situations and this then enabled him to write about things that were happening around him avidly.

They are individual artists whose paths collided while playing football at the David Beckham Academy, through their mutual love for the sport.

T-flowz then had already recorded a few tracks and had a fair amount of experience in the studio. T-flowz played Scorpy one of his tracks that he featured another aspiring female talent (Taieba) in with the song titled ‘Giggle your body’. Scorpy was really encouraged by the track so T-flowz invited him to the studio where he then mentioned he was working on a new track back then which eventually became ‘Let me take you ride’ and he needed a chorus or a hook for it.

Tflowz then gave Scorpy an opportunity to write the hook which he did and Tflowz liked which lead to Tflowz labeling him as ‘The African Akon’ in his own words.
They both knew from then on that the collaboration could be the start of a very successful and fruitful partnership and have ever since been writing and producing music as a group.

However, before they came about starting their group which is now called ‘Da Tustah’ they were formally known by a number of names such as ‘Da-Team’. Though the name got scrapped, they are still referred to sometimes as ‘Da-Team’, mainly because they have used it in their earlier tracks such as ‘Kolo’. They are now officially known as ‘Da Tustah’ or just ‘TuStah’

In February 2011, they signed a management deal with a label called Star Musik Inc which is based in the United Kingdom and have been with them ever since.

In December 2011, they won the award for ‘Best Music Group’ from one of the prestigious awards ceremony in the UK, known as NUBAA (Nigerian U.K Based Achievers Awards)

In August 2012, they took a bold decision to go back to Nigeria to pursue their carriers further over there and since then have managed to headline a small concert in Ibadan and make a few contacts in the Industry.

Although both artist are of an African background, growing up in the UK has allowed them to gain an insight to the UK culture and music scene. They are now trying to apply their knowledge from this by making their mark in the Afro beat/pop music scene through combining both UK and African styles of music to create a new style which is uniquely theirs.


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