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lagos, NG

Kel FST real name Agwu Kelechi Isaac was born to a Banker Father and business Mother in the early 1980’s in satellite town, a lagos surburban area..he attended Cambridge international school okota/isolo and later moved on to high school, Kings College, Lagos where he first started this whole rap movement..while in K.C in his early secondary school days, he used to mime latest songs with other friends in the dormitory wheneva they didnt have to go for evening prep. His older brother used to record songs on tapes off the radio and this is how Kel got into rap music..He graduated from University of Lagos in 2008 with BSc (HONS) in Marine Sciences….1995 was the year and main influences were Notorious B.I.G, Craig Mac, Ice Cube, KRS one, Jay Z and the likes..he fell in love with Notorious B.I.G and had tapes of him from the early times..he then proceeded to writing songs by himself as at 1998 and the death of B.I.G further sparked his intrest in was not until 2005 when he recorded his first official single ‘WHO U BE’ which was produced by versertile hiphop producer Laylow..he went for shows at that period and the name spread further and in 2006 he was invited to do a track *LYRICAL GANGSTAR* on the ‘MAGA MUST PAY mixtape’ by Halflife/Killari/Soundville..the mixtape boasts of super producers like Laylow, Kraft of Kraftmatics, Phenom, Bionic, M-speech and dope mcees such as A.Q, Cypha of Gidi Gang, PointBlank, Phenom etc…The mixtape got mass appeal by hiphop fans in nigeria..The thirst for music increased and in late 2006 he formed a rap group with fellow rapper/school mate Capital-C called THE CLIQUE TEAM (TCT)..Kel and Capital-C recorded a few single joints together including ‘RAP STOLE MY HEART’ that featured Laylow of Soundville Ent… And in 2007, TCT released their 1st mixtape ‘KRUSHED BY THE HOOFZ’ with new crew member Sixth Sense


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