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Lagos, NG

I’m a Nigerian rapper, born and brought up in Warri, Delta.
I’m from a family of 7 kids, 4 males and 3 females; I’m the third child and second son. My father was an X-ray welder and my mother a trader; I lost my dad when I was 12 and grew up a single parent child.

My love for music started at 12 when my family moved to our own house in a hushed area, all day we were indoors and the only thing we did for fun was listening to the radio, I wrote songs then but I never performed any because I was just a hobby. In 2000 I joined my church choir and I was doing back ups, because I was small my height always earned me the front rows. I left the choir in 2002 because I loved rap music I grew sick of singing during Sunday church services.
All my life I grew up to realize that dreams come true and I never stopped dreaming, At age 15 I was already providing for myself. Even when my mother could, I’ll pay my school fees without her notice and as time went by she didn’t bothered because she realized I could. I grew up in the streets hustling my way through, but in all music was my life and I envisioned myself at international heights
I graduated from high school in 2007, worked in a barber shop as a stylist and running a play station arcade alongside, I’ve worked as a photographer, learnt artistry, I worked as a cyber café attendant in 2008 and in 2009 I worked as a HSE secretary/representative in a Chinese seismic company till 2011.

I started street rap/competition in 2007 during my last high school year and in late 2009 I formed a music group known as overtime music. The group was to encourage upcoming artists on their potentials and also to keep the music dream alive. My first mix tape was released in December 2009 (Ain’t no stopping us) and it was rated best song of the month by my group and since then my love for rap music rose to it’s climax and I’ve been featured in different songs and mix tapes, I released other singles, I got groove in may 2011 and Rock on in June 2011 all produced by Luwee of Loutes n Soundz studio in Warri Nigeria.
My stage name is derived from my own name Williams. My mentors are Biggie Smalls a.k.a Notorious B.I.G; I love him for his attitude, charisma and his lyrics.


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