‘Poster Girl For Sass’ Carolyne Udoh Doesn’t Need Your Money

Get ready to feel it as Carolyne releases her new single off her EP, “DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY (#GBA #CONFAM)”. The story begins with her meeting Producer, “Tha MegaBoi” Bolade Ogungbuyi through a mutual friend and the rest is history.
Carolyne’s music has a certain quality that sets her apart from the noise. Born in Nigeria and raised in the States, her music shows a unique blend of both her African and American Culture.
Having had a nurtured love for music at a tender age, Carolyne sings at the Winners Chapel Choir and has performed in CUNY Colleges- York, Queens Borough and Queens College.
The songstress refuses to be put in a specific box. She states “Music has been ready for me, and now I’m ready for music, I want to create something unique, different and I also want to reach people with my songs, I want my songs to relate to a plethora of topics”.
Her infectious lyrics will leave you bopping your head to the sound of the beat. Fans are encouraged to follow Carolyne on Twitter @cutiecarolyne


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